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Transvac’s FlareJet™ solution is a complete, turnkey zero-flare solution for the Oil & Gas Industry.Providing up to 150:1 compression, FlareJet™ recovers waste gasses with ease and eliminates the need for flaring outside of emergency situations.

Using experience gained over 43 years and fine tuned in our state of the art R&D test facility, FlareJet™ offers the very latest in cutting-edge Ejector technology and performance.Waste gasses are compressed and discharged at a specified pressure to suit required the downstream process. In most cases, recovered gas can be returned to production or is used as fuel gas on the facility

Flare Jet™ does not interfere with local ESD procedures and is intended to recover gases continually sent to flare, such as purge, separator and knock-out drum gases.Simple control philosophies cater for varying inlet (flare gas) flow rates and ensure upstream process is not affected. With no moving parts, the FlareJet™ Ejector can handle both solids (such as sand) and sour gasses without issue. Special-grade ceramic internals are employed to resist abrasion and ensure reliability.

Benefits Of Flare Gas Ejectors :-

  • Emission of greenhouse gases to atmosphere eliminated.
  • Waste gas compression of up to 150:1 in a single Ejector stage
  • Potential reduction in tax liability
  • Waste gas is recovered and added to production
  • Often no running costs because existing energy can be used to power the Ejector
  • Ejectors have no moving parts
  • No maintenance (very attractive for remote installations)
  • Simple to install as part of the existing pipework system
  • Low cost option, significantly cheaper than alternative technologies
  • Safe, reliable operation 
  • Performance easily modified to suit changing conditions with Transvac’s patented ‘Universal Design
  • Easy to control, using standard techniques 
  • Ejectors can be performance tested prior to despatch

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