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An international group, with over 100 years of experience in producing Steel Cylinder Reinforced Concrete Pipes.

The advantage of the steel cylinder reinforced concrete pipe is that it is based on a composite design which means that it offers a comprehensive and balanced response to each requirement. The pipe is designed to resist composite stresses including the maximum operating loads and the external dead and live loads. The steel cylinder reinforced concrete pipe offers an optimum combination between the performances and specifications of concrete and steel.

 Each pipe comprises:

Of a metal core made from welded steel sheets offering total water tightness and reinforcing the mechanical resistance of the pipe, an internal concrete wall which protects the steel conveying the fluid against corrosion and abrasion. This contributes to the mechanical resistance of the pipe; in addition, it makes it possible, unlike the thin coatings of other materials, to resist vacuums and vibrations, an external reinforced concrete wall which durably protects the steel against external aggressions (ground, water table, etc.) and absorbs the stresses due to backfilling and external loads.

The durable performances of the steel reinforced pipes can be attributed to the equilibrium of the steels and the homogeneity of the steel/concrete matrix resulting from the manufacturing process.

 Owing to its design and qualities, the BONNA pipe is suitable for use in all fluid conveyance systems. Specially:

1 - For Oil and Gas industrial sites

2 - For Electricity Power plants

3 - For All types of special works

4 - For Sewage mains

5 - For Desalination and drinking water conveyance networks

6 - For Pumping stations or water treatment stations

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